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At Carp`R`Us we pride ourselves in producing some of the most effective, efficient and best quality carp fishing products in the market. Carp Fishing Tackle by Anglers for Anglers, all Carp `R`Us products are extensively tested by our worldwide field testers for many months and if the majority agree then we produce it.

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Carp R Us Direct, Fishing Tackle, Worldwide Online
Carp R Us Direct, Fishing Tackle, Worldwide Online


My passion for angling started at the age of eight, catching Jack Pike at a local pond using minnows and a hand line.

I then persuaded my parents to buy me a small fishing rod and take me fishing on the river Thames near Hampton Court, I caught my first roach weighing 2lbs and from then on all I wanted to do was fish.

I saved up my money and bought numerous books so I could learn all types of fishing. But my fascination was always still water fishing in small quiet ponds and lakes.

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Carp 'R' Us - Fishing Tackle
Carp 'R' us - Fishing Tackle

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